Advocacy Needed for Next COVID-19 Relief Package

Congress is moving quickly to pass the next COVID-19 relief package which includes nearly $50 billion in essential housing and homelessness assistance. Now is a critical time to reach out to your members of Congress to get this package across the finish line. Use the template below to contact your members of Congress and urge them to vote to approve these critical investments.

For more details on the housing and homelessness provisions in the relief package, see NLIHC's factsheet.


  1. Fill out the form below to identify your members of Congress.
  2. Personalize the email template below. A personal perspective or connection to the issue is always most effective.
  3. Click here to find local data for your state to include in the email.
  4. NLIHC's list of recommendations can be used as talking points and can be found at:
  5. Contact your NLIHC housing advocacy organizer if you have questions, or to let us know what you hear back! Find your organizer here.

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