Add Your Organization to a Letter Urging Congress to Enact Bold, Long-term Solutions

Fill out the form below to add your organization to the HoUSed campaign's letter urging Congress to quickly enact the bold, long-term solutions included in the Build Back Better Act .

The time is now: Nationwide, there is a shortage of nearly 7 million affordable and available homes for the lowest income renters. As rents continue to rise and wages remain stagnant, there are now zero counties in the U.S. where a minimum wage earner working full-time can afford a two-bedroom apartment. There are numerous proven solutions that can address the affordability crisis, but current funding levels from Congress leave 3 out of 4 eligible households receiving no assistance at all.

Specifically, the economic recovery package includes:

  • $25 billion to expand rental assistance,
  • $65 billion to preserve public housing, and
  • $15 billion for the National Housing Trust Fund

Join us in calling on Congress to quickly enact these new resources!

  • Read the full text of the sign-on letter here.
  • Learn more about the HoUSed campaign here.

Please note: This is an ORGANIZATIONAL sign-on letter, and your organization, not your individual name, will be listed as an endorser.

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